You may get some errors because of an expiring base Let's Encrypt certificate when using pkg.  It's being worked on.
SEMIBUG's lightning talks event is tonight.  No, wait, it's tomorrow.  It's online with Jitsi so you can see it no matter what - possibly even on BSD?
Classic games as a mini-theme.
I forgot to link to BSD Now 421: ZFS eats CPU on Thursday!
I installed new SSL certificates for this server over the weekend and I have to say, Let's Encrypt and certbot are the easiest SSL setup process I've ever done.  It worked exactly as expected on DragonFly.
I am still not catching up to my RSS feeds but that's OK, still plenty to read.
Still plenty of links I haven't even got to yet.
This week's BSD Now thankfully skips the pun that might go with the episode number, and talks about various OpenBSD and NetBSD articles.
Classic Lazy Reading weirdness. Your unrelated music link for the week: The Bug - Skeng.  I've heard this a million times, but never the whole thing until now.  
I am severely backlogged on links.    
This week's BSD Now is the usual roundup of news, with the headline taken from an article about FreeBSD's new/experimental web-based installer.  (What, no mention of the installer for DragonFly?  It's been web-compatible for years...)  Digs aside, the BSD install experience could be different.
The recent tmux package update reminds me to mention 'pkg lock'.  When you update packages, pkg will update everything.  If there's a package you don't want changed, the pkg lock(8) command will keep it at the current version.  There can be some other packages held back because of dependencies, but that's OK.  Don't forget to pkg unlock when no longer needed...
If you want to update to the now fixed tmux port, you'll want to add a -f to the pkg command to force it; the version number hasn't changed.
There's a toy/game mini-theme this week.  
Note the last link; BSD and M1.