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This week's BSD Now talks about some pro-BSD ideas, which may or may not include the idea of Linux with a BSD userland.  I find it slightly upsetting.
The headline says almost everything, in this case.  There's a HOWTO for DragonFly NVMM which should get most of what you want to do, and I'm sure it will be updated.
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No theme this week; just catching up with all the links I didn't get to last week.  
Here's something I just learned: If you are running dma(8), /etc/dma.conf will contain MAILNAME.   If your email server is somewhere else, but you set MAILNAME as your domain - dma will deliver locally. I had /etc/dma.conf set with MAILNAME - so dma kept delivering overnight periodic results to root, which was aliased to in /etc/mail/aliases and so it was delivered to 'justin' locally on the machine. Changing MAILNAME to - the host you are reading right now - fixed the problem.  Now, whether this was an automatically set config or something I misconfigured some years ago... I can't tell.
This week's BSD Now covers different topics - you may think from the headline it's a "tips and tricks" link, but no, it's about confidential info.
RPG subtheme this week.
More BUG meetings are happening, which is great.
I didn't know about this, but there's a daily/weekly/monthly/security_show_badconfig option in periodic.conf that is now defaulting to "yes" in DragonFly.  This I assume means you'll get the output of erroring periodic scripts sent to you.  Useful, especially if you find out about an error you hadn't seen before.
ndis(4) is removed from DragonFly; it's probably been years since it was applicable to any hardware.  I don't think it will affect anyone - but it's an interesting tool from a historical perspective; for a while it was possible to use Windows XP drivers to create a BSD network driver, effectively.
Many, many times over the years I have tried answering problems with "... and maybe something's wrong with the RAM?", which is always possible but not always probable.  For once, it's really what happened in this story of strange HAMMER2 errors.
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