No theme this week cause I really did touch all the themes.
BSD Now has the usual roundup of news this week, and leads with an article about FreeBSD and ARM - useful for the BSD content, but also interesting cause it has a nice summary of how ARM designs came to be so important.

Mini theme this week: sound.

I am not sure if these Radeon cards are tested on DragonFly, but it's a good base to start from.
Double links is the sub-theme today.  
Literally tabs from my browser in order, here.
I'd hope that a name like dRAID meant it was a DragonFly system, but no, as this BSD Now episode mentions it as a ZFS technology.  Plus the normal news and a tool called 'just'.  Unfortunately is taken.
Long shot question: Are any of you in France and able to get this chocolate mold directly at a lower price?  Valrhona doesn't sell square molds into the US market.