This week's Lazy Reading supported, kindly, by Tse Gratis volunteering a bunch of links.  
Something that makes me happy: Vermaden's Valuable News and BSD Now have both been reliable as clockwork for a long time now.
This week's BSD Now links to a bunch of what I call 'resource' articles, things that tell you how to do things and use stuff.  It's good reading if you have the time.
Updates to third-party utilities happen often in DragonFly, and I don't often link because they may not affect users much - but I'm noting a change to xargs(1) cause given what xargs does, any mistake you make will be repeated many times.
It's rare, but I was able to collect most of these links more than 24 hours before you are reading them.
For once I started on these early in the week.
Thanks to Aaron LI and Daniel Fojt, libpcap and tcpdump in DragonFly have been updated.   The vendor does The Right Thing and provides easy-to-find changelogs for both.
Martin Ivanov has completed his multiboot + DragonFly tutorial.  You can read his users@ post on it now, though it should show up in documentation soon.
No theme, cause I'm nicely spread out this week over topics.
We need a "BSD Games" site.
tcplay(8) in DragonFly jumped from 2.0 to 3.3.   This will be most relevant to you if you encrypt your disks.  It's nice to see DragonFly mentioned specifically on the GitHub source site.
Emacs and Vim content; I feel like I should always have one with the other.
Good mix of history and current BSDs this week.