Aaron LI managed to graft FreeBSD code history onto the DragonFly BSD git repository, and he's documented how he did it.  So, you can follow DragonFly code all the way back to 2003, and then FreeBSD code all the way back to... I'm not sure how far back it goes, but it's in his merged copy.
Accidental open source ideas or maybe history this week.  That might be too easy a category to fit into.
I have multiple BSD based systems to update, reboot, and hopefully not physically visit in the next week or so.
BSD Now 343 is quite topical this week: viruses and VPNs.  Release information, etc., too.
Jails on DragonFly can now route to loopback addresses (i.e.  Because of this, they can work like shared IPs and the jail can connect to the host. I think this means that you no longer have to bind jail services to specific IPs as you did previously.  Don't quote me on that; I've run few jails in my life. Update: I should have linked this too: the sysctl jail.defaults.allow_listen_override that makes it easier in the host system too.
Random this week, but that's not so different than usual.
A bit short this week; I think everyone's been occupied with other issues.
For once, I couldn't figure out what the name of this week's BSD Now episode referenced.   It's Data Virtual Address, in ZFS, which gets covered in the show.  There's a specific bit about Go and OpenBSD that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere, too.  (see show notes)
Francois Tigeot has updated the i915 driver to 20160725.  What does that mean for users?  I don't know; there isn't a changelog.  But higher version numbers are always more fun!
Again, dumping out all the links I can in case you are stuck at home. Your unrelated music link of the week: Hannibal Rex - The One Hundred & Forty Faces Of?.?.?.  Has the same drive as early Mix Master Mike, to my ear.  (via)
Throwing all the links I can out there.
binutils 2.25 is out, binutils 2.34 is in.  The binutils upgrade happened just before the 5.8 branch, so it's in the 5.8 release - though 2.27 is still the default.
BSD Now 341 is about unification, get it?  It's covering the merging of TrueNAS/FreeNAS, along with the usual roundup of news, including POWER9 and FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Go, and so on.
I tagged DragonFly 5.6.3, and built images.  You should run 5.8, cause it's the most recent, but this means there's an image that captures all the last bugfixes in the 5.6 series.  You can see them in the tag message if you are curious.