Lazy Reading for 2020/03/08

I had so many tabs open they weren’t all showing, so you get a straight dump.

In Other BSDs for 2020/03/07

I have not yet even gone through my BSD RSS feeds for some days and I already have plenty of links for you.

Shallow src users, a note

If you follow the upgrade instructions in my 5.8 update post, there is one ‘gotcha’.   If your copy of /usr/src was downloaded using “make src-create-shallow”, you will not have any git history – or any branches other than 5.6.

The easy, cheesy way to fix it is to remove /usr/src, then type “make src-create” in /usr, and proceed from there.  There’s probably a way to edit in the other branches, but I haven’t tried it yet.  I’m counseling the brute force method for now.

DragonFly 5.8 released!

DragonFly 5.8.0 has been released.  This version brings dsynth, with matching optimizations to fit dsynth running many parallel builds of ports.

My users@ post has the usual details on upgrading, as do the release notes.

Note that you will get some noise in dmesg until you remove opie from where it’s mentioned in /etc/pam.d/ files.  It’s cosmetic unless you use opie, and you probably don’t.  I mention it because I noticed it.  Check /usr/src/UPDATING after pulling in the 5.8 source to see details of this and other changes.

Lazy Reading for 2020/03/01

Tab-clearing links!

Your unrelated music link of the week: KUTMAH – New Appliance.  (via)