If you've been following HAMMER2 for some time, these questions and answers will not be new to you - but they are useful notes all the same.
I literally just smooshed all my open tabs that weren't baking-related into this post. Your unrelated video of the week: Igorrr - Very Noise.  Reminds me of early  Garry's Mod videos.   (via)  
BUGs BUGs BUGs this week.  I'll make sure to note the events again when they get closer, too.
BSD Now 334 is posted, with juuuust the right mix of items; some advocacy, some license confusion (for Linux), etc.  I notice linked in the bottom section the February, er March NYCBUG meeting will have Paul Vixie talking at their meeting, which hasn't even been mentioned on the NYCBUG site yet.
I imagine this may work for any BSD, really.  Aaron Li has the instructions, which may be especially useful for non-English readers.
No theme, just lots of links.
Unofficial theme: conventions.  There's lots of options this year; you should go.  If you are reading this, you're the right demographic to enjoy one.
The most recent BSD Now episode is unfortunately not all about legacy hardware as I would enjoy, despite the title, but the usual mix of news items - mostly about new platforms to find BSD.
I for some reason set line height properties in the style sheet for dragonflybsd.org years ago, and it made scroll bars appear around all <pre> text.  It's taken me years, but I finally removed it.  Anyone notice other effects than the lack of those odd scrollbars?
Sometimes you get 2 nice tips: I like seeing this NetBSD->FreeBSD->DragonFly cross pollination in this commit, and also now I know I can fsck a FAT volume on BSD. 3rd bonus: that last sentence sounds terribly rude.
Accidental themes this week: keyboards and game remakes.
No theme evolved, but lots more links this week.    
Today's BSD Now rhymes, but you probably have to say it out loud to tell.  They cover the new-at-least-to-me HyperbolaBSD, among other topics.
cpdup(1), a DragonFly copying tool that really should be more used, now uses microseconds for comparison.  This is probably related to the sysctl vfs.timestamp_precision also now using microseconds. This probably won't affect your usage of cpdup unless you are copying some very actively modified files, but I like to mention it in case someone feels like porting it to OpenBSD/NetBSD - it's already in FreeBSD, though I assume it's a slightly older version.