Lazy Reading for 2019/05/12

I am opinionated this week!

In Other BSDs for 2019/05/11

The last weather station link is a real gem.

Rehash reminder

If, like me, you’ve been running DragonFly for a long time, and you haven’t switched away from tcsh for your account or for root, you may not have ‘set autorehash’ in your .cshrc.  Newer installs have it.

Put that into .cshrc if you don’t have it, and it’ll save 15 seconds of the rest of your life not typing ‘rehash’… assuming you can overcome the muscle reflex.

Lazy Reading for 2019/05/05

I’m really loading up with links this weekend; make some time to read today.

In Other BSDs for 2019/05/04

I’m still not making through all the stuff I need to link to, but this is enough to keep you busy for today.

More terminal fun

Remember my Wyse terminal experiment with a DragonFly VM?  I mentioned an odd output pause where the screen would stop updating until there was keyboard activity – or occasionally just die.  That was an artifact of Virtualbox; running this now in Qemu has no such problem.

I now have a very overcomplicated clock!  I’m running GRDC on this Wyse-185 connected as a vt100 to the virtual machine running DragonFly 5.4 in Qemu on my Windows 10 work laptop.  It’s at 9600 baud so I can see the numbers morph.  I find this aesthetically satisfying.