More terminal fun

Remember my Wyse terminal experiment with a DragonFly VM?  I mentioned an odd output pause where the screen would stop updating until there was keyboard activity – or occasionally just die.  That was an artifact of Virtualbox; running this now in Qemu has no such problem.

I now have a very overcomplicated clock!  I’m running GRDC on this Wyse-185 connected as a vt100 to the virtual machine running DragonFly 5.4 in Qemu on my Windows 10 work laptop.  It’s at 9600 baud so I can see the numbers morph.  I find this aesthetically satisfying.

4 Replies to “More terminal fun”

  1. I would totally do this if I had a wyse terminal lying around!

  2. (1) You’ll want to experience rain(6) at 9600bd (the way it was meant to be).

    (2) I always run grdc when I want to set my HH:MM mobile phone and bicycle clocks half a minute fast.

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