No interview this week in BSDNow 261, but links to a recent 1999 convention video, details about TrueOS/Project Trident, and the usual.
If you like pizza and BSD, and you are near Portland, Oregon, there's an event you will enjoy tomorrow night.  At least 2 of those 3 characteristics should match you.  (via)
Matthew Dillon (re?)added a sysctl: vfs.hammer2.cluster_write.  It defaults to off, since HAMMER2 already writes a large buffer size and this should, in theory, not be needed.  It may improve performance in some situations where there's a lot of file creation and deletion, but that's my theoretical guess rather than anything I've bennchmarked.
There's several deep dives in the links today; enjoy reading! Your unrelated music link of the week: A Brief Primer on the Contemporary Glitch-Hop Scene.  I liked Tipper more than I expected.
Still haven't cleared my backlog of links...  
This episode has one of the more intriguing titles for BSDNow, and it's because they are covering a recent hackathon and "BSDCam" (not BSDCan), which I did not know about.  The tiny network terminal server mentioned this week may be of use to people, too.
If you haven't done it before, you can use 'make rescue' to build a tiny base system on DragonFly, for use when /usr goes missing, for when your disk is encrypted, and other rather catastrophic problems.  It should be in sync with the rest of the system, which is why 'make rescue' can be part of a buildworld process.  I'm mentioning this because currently, 'make upgrade' should be done first.
DragonFly will now run on a Threadripper 2990wx.  What's more, Matthew Dillon has published some testing results showing how power, CPU use, and memory speed all interact with these things.  There's a followup, too.  I imagine these are interesting CPUs to most people, since they perform well and don't have recent Intel-specific security problems.
Done well ahead of time, knowing I'd be on the road this past week.    
Overflow from two weeks running, cause of travel.
Intel's ACPICA 20180810 is now in DragonFly, thanks to Sascha Wildner.  Nothing really user-affecting, but it does fix some memory leaks.  You can tell it's very new just by the version number.
BSDNow 259 is out, and I happen to have just come off a 10-hour drive, so I will do nothing other than point you at the episode.
I have been meaning to post this for a while:, a painting web app, is running on DragonFly.  I was told this on IRC and of course lost all details since then, but that's fine - go draw something!