No accidental theme this week.
Some nice tech explanations this week.
I did not encounter this at all, but if you did: there was an issue in DragonFly around the time of the 5.2 release where device duplication would lead to a machine locking up at boot.  It's fixed.
BSDNow episode 243 has no interview but a bunch of release news.  I like seeing a note from Dag-Erling Smørgrav about 2 decades as a committer.  I also consider aarch64 support in NetBSD interesting.
IPSEC hasn't been maintained in basically forever in DragonFly, so it's been removed.  It was only still mentioned in the VKERNEL configs, so if you have a custom VKERNEL config file, remove any mention of IPSEC, IPSEC_ESP, or IPSEC_DEBUG.  Otherwise, nothing to worry about.
Reduce, the "second oldest computer algebra system", has been ported to DragonFly (and there's work on other BSDs).  The post about this has lots of links to more information; if you're a Maple or Mathematica user, this will definitely interest you.
Accidental theme this week... video games, though not strongly.  
Opinion time: The Reddit / Hacker News forums have reached the anything/everything point where there's no longer a focus. is worth visiting, though, for BSD content and in general.
BSDNow 242 has no interview and the normal wide range of topics: TrueOS, F-Stack, jails, SmartOS, and most interesting to me, open source business model development with iXSystems.
A 'dirty' vnode is a disk data reference that has changed but hasn't yet been committed to disk.  This pair of commits adds a syncing threshold, useful for anyone with slower disk resources.  Remember, disks lie.
There's a plugin for pkg, called pkg-provides, which will tell you what package(s) contain the filename you provide - installed or not.  I didn't even know pkg had a plugin system.  Anyway, it works on DragonFly, as the author notes.
No theme grew this week. Your unrelated comics link of the week: Belfry WebComics Index.  Very 90s.  (via I lost it, sorry)
Totally last-minute summary, but I'm hitting every BSD category.
This week's BSDNow interviews Kevin Bowling of Greenlight Networks, plus lots of filesystem conversation.
For anyone wanting to try out ipfw3, there's now a rc script.  Make sure to set up a rules file, or you'll kill all incoming traffic.
DragonFly 5.2.0 has been released.  Spectre/Meltdown mitigations are in there, along with improvements for HAMMER2, accelerated video, and ipfw.  My users@ post has the details on upgrading, as does the release notes.