If you're looking for hardware RAID on DragonFly, here's some brief notes on what should work.  Areca and LSI are the hardware names to watch for.  The person who asked the original question pointed to earlier benchmarks, which I may have linked before.
Only half a year until Christmas! Your unrelated video link of the week: time for sushi.  A followup to going to the store and late for meeting.  (via)
Back to overflow, which sort of makes my life easier.
Should you need have Ubiquiti devices, and you need to get the Unifi management program running on your DragonFly server, this script will work for you.  Some of the filepaths are different, but it's otherwise complete.
No interview in this week's BSDNow, but there's a good run through recent BSD news, including some talk about a "Aeronix" machine project, which led me to some other interesting links.
Thanks to Imre Vadasz, your Haswell, Atom SoCs, Skylake, and Kaby Lake CPUs will now recognize the ig4 device on the associated motherboard.   I think it does something with ACPI?  I have always been hazy on smbus device functions.
The weather's nice but the links aren't stopping! Your unrelated comics link of the week: Mister Hayden Comics.
All found-this-week links, now.  
Matthew Dillon noted some OpenVPN problems, requiring him to disable compression.  I don't think this is a DragonFly problem, or even necessarily a BSD problem, but it's worth mentioning in case you run it.
All over the map today. Unrelated link of the week: I Love Butter Tarts.  If you've never encountered a butter tart, you should.  Found via the Midland Butter Tart Festival, which I am disappointed to have missed.
I think I've finally caught up on my BSD link backlog.
Radeon hardware support in DragonFly has been moved up to match what's in the Linux 4.7.10 kernel.  If you have a R9 290 GPU, there's some tweaks you may need. (n.b. may be unnecessary now from later commits; I don't have the hardware to check.)
Slightly earlier than normal because of the magic of prerecording, BSDNow 197 is up and has an interview with Michael W. Lucas about his books.  (I'm hoping for interviews from BSDCan next week.)
Apparently there's a missing dhclient feature in DragonFly needed to run on OpenStack.  Matthew Dillon's made a change to get it to work - though I can't find the exact commit.
For some reason I am completely unfamiliar with this standard, but UHS-1 support for Secure Digital cards has been ported to DragonFly by Imre Vadasz, for a limited range of models.  UHS stands for "Ultra High Speed", so perhaps it's clear what that standard does for you.