Another week that quickly went from "Gee, I hope I have enough links" to "I have to set time aside just to process the backlog of possibilities."
BSDNow 113 has the normal news roundup, plus an interview of Jordan Hubbard, talking about BSD, and specifically NextBSD.
For those of you with DragonFly and an Intel i915 chipset, Francois Tigeot has moved support up another notch, to match Linux 3.18.  This will help Cherryview and Broadwell chipset users the most.
No themes this week. Your unrelated food image of the week: Cheese Meets Bread: an International Love Story.  I shall treat that as a sort of to-do list.
There's a lot of developer interviews lately. Your cross-platform software of the week: Syncthing.  Runs on all the BSDs.  (Via discussion on EFNet #dragonflybsd)
It's been an oddly quiet week for news, plus I have been busier than usual at work due to snow hitting the northeast.  But!  It's Thursday and there's a new episode of BSDNow.  There's an interview of Adam Leventhal and the usual news roundup.
Accidental topic this week: very, very old computers. Your comics link of the week: Cartozia Tales #1, with more added.  I subscribed to this series long ago, and it's a lot of fun.
Another good week for BSD releases and events.    
BSDNow episode 111 is up, with an interview of Brandon Mercer, talking about OpenBSD and healthcare.  There's the usual news, plus several 'how-to-build-something' articles up for discussion.
Imre Vadász has put together an initial port of Wayland / Weston for DragonFly.  You can look at his pull request for dports to see how to install, though I'd imagine this is only for people who like to experiment at this point.  It's still work in progress, as is Wayland itself.
You will probably be able to guess some of my thinking processes this week based on these links. Your unrelated tea link of the week: Health benefits of tea.  Not the original title; I made it less clickbaity.  (via)
I didn't get to run through as much of the source commits as normal this week, but there's still plenty to read.
BSDNow 110 is now available.  It's back to the text summary format, so I can tell you easily that it includes an interview with Benno Rice, about Isilon and their interactions with FreeBSD.
Completely unrelated: I rebuilt a baking (Hoosier) cabinet over the past few months, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.