Emulation is this week's accidental topic. Your comics link of the week: Behold!  The Dinosaurs!  
A short but more interesting list this week, I think.   Your Not BSD link of the week: Never fix anything.
There's a new 'ifconsole' option for /etc/ttys on DragonFly that may help you if your serial output device is a bit strange.
I always try to guess the interview topic from the episode title, but I wasn't able to predict the several mini-interviews in this week's BSDNow episode.
If you were running a version of DragonFly 4.1 (i.e. the master version, not release) built between the 20th and 25th, rebuild.  There's a UFS bug introduced in that short timeframe. If you are running 4.0.x release or built your version of DragonFly-master outside of that date range - you are unaffected.
I guess the accidental theme this week is Unix. Your unrelated link of the week: svblm.  Found via a link to Infinideer and Forest Ambassador.
A calmer week, probably because of the U.S. holiday.
A recent commit from Matthew Dillon means users of Intel Haswell or later CPUs will see reduced power usage, if I'm reading this commit correctly.
This week's BSDNow episode talks with Jed Reynolds about ZFS on Linux and FreeBSD, and includes other news bits including about DragonFly's swap encryption, OpenBSD defaulting to having openntpd on by default, and plenty more.
Hammer will perform daily housekeeping tasks each night.  If you're up late enough, it may kick off while you are working.  If you want to stop the process after it's already started (since it's disk-intensive), John Marino has added the 'abort-cleanup' command.
If you want to use a scanner on DragonFly, install SANE.  That is apparently all you need to do.
Get clicking! Your unrelated comic link of the week: Finished page at the Toronto Comic Jam.  I missed TCAF this year, dangit.  It is awesome.  (via)
This includes all the BSD material I didn't have time to get posted last week.  I hope you have some time for reading today; there is a lot here.
leaf.dragonflybsd.org, where the DragonFly website is hosted, is temporarily down while a disk is replaced.  Images and binary packages are still available.
Sepherosa Ziehau has introduced a new sysctl:
Set this to zero and you won't get endless ARP events from networks you aren't on.  For example, I'm hooked up to a cable modem.  I only get a public routable IP address, but the network used for the cable modem network itself bleeds ARP packets out where my DragonFly machine can see it.  Since it's on a different network segment than the address I receive through DHCP, it always fails and the system logs it.  For example:
May 11 05:20:52 www kernel: arplookup failed: host is not on local network
I can't do much about it since that layer 2 leakiness is going to happen, but I can shut it up with this sysctl - and thank goodness, cause I've been seeing these messages since first using a DOCSIS modem in... 2001 or so?