BSDNow 087: On The List

BSDNow 087 has an interview with Christos Zoulas, about NetBSD and blacklistd, along with the usual collection of news stories that I’m trying not to peek at because I’m behind on my usual reading and I want to get my own collection together for Saturday’s In Other BSDs.

Lazy Reading for 2015/04/26

We’re already 2/3 of the way to Christmas!

Your unrelated tea links of the week: Do you even steep?  The actual title is different, but I like that part of the link more.  (Thanks, Jeff Ramnani)  Also: Tea With Strangers.  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  Unfortunately, it’s not in my city.  (via)

In Other BSDs for 2015/04/25

It’s been a relatively calm week, for once.



Building only one compiler

DragonFly builds two compilers by default.  If you weren’t interesting in building both, there were switches to build only the default, like NO_GCC47.  This changed with every compiler update.

With the switch to GCC 5, the new switch is “NO_ALTCOMPILER”.  That will last through compiler changes.  I’m mentioning this now because sooner or later, you’ll want to gain back some time on a buildworld.

GCC 5 released, switched

DragonFly now has GCC 5.1 release.  If you are running DragonFly master (i.e. 4.1), you’ll probably want to both rebuild world and kernel, and update your packages so they all match.  There’s already packages built with GCC 5.1, so binary package upgrades can happen quickly.  There’s GCC 4.7 packages still available if you aren’t making the jump yet.

If you’re on DragonFly 4.0.x – nothing’s changed.

Lazy Reading for 2015/04/19

Spillover from last week, even.

Your unrelated video links of the week: 80s nostalgia is happening now that there’s a generation young enough to not have experienced it.  You can have the 1980s as a parody, or as the real, unmitigated awfulness.

In Other BSDs for 2015/04/18

I couldn’t help the commentary on some of these links.

Changing to gcc 5.0

The default compiler in DragonFly is going to change over from GCC 4.7 to GCC 5.x very soon, to match the GCC 5.1 release.  This means that packages built for DragonFly-master won’t be compatible with the old ones.  You will need to reinstall packages when you next ‘pkg install’.  John Marino has an extensive writeup detailing what’s needed, and the actual change is some days off.

If you are using DragonFly 4.0.x (the release), this doesn’t affect you at all.

Periodic reports on DragonFly

I have had trouble with my daily/weekly periodic reports never making it to my GMail account.  Sascha Wildner pointed out to me that periodic.conf has its own answer already:


… and newsyslog is already set to take care of them.  There’s more in the periodic.conf man page.