GCC 5 released, switched

DragonFly now has GCC 5.1 release.  If you are running DragonFly master (i.e. 4.1), you’ll probably want to both rebuild world and kernel, and update your packages so they all match.  There’s already packages built with GCC 5.1, so binary package upgrades can happen quickly.  There’s GCC 4.7 packages still available if you aren’t making the jump yet.

If you’re on DragonFly 4.0.x – nothing’s changed.

3 Replies to “GCC 5 released, switched”

  1. Lars Schotte says:

    well, it should not be that important for BSDs weather there is a new release of gcc or not. all BSDs are porting to LLVM anyways, some sooner, some later.

  2. I would argue that, everything else aside, knowing that DragonFly can compile on more than one compiler is a good thing.

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