Hammer and mirrored disks

A frequent question people ask when trying Hammer is “How can I do software RAID to cover a disk failure?”  Hammer provides for streaming one volume to another, so you can duplicate drives, but there isn’t an automatic failover mechanism as there is with a RAID setup.  The first answer is usually “get hardware RAID“; my preferred solution.   The remaining software solutions are vinum, ccd, and lvm for DragonFly.

Lazy Reading for 2014/07/27

I was low on time but I still brought the links!

Your unrelated link of the week: Summer cakes.  The second recipe is from Nicola Humble.  I just read her surprisingly interesting history of the cookbook in the UK, hence the link.  Plus, I’m hungry.

In Other BSDs for 2014/07/26

Part of this was done while traveling, but still a decent week for links.

Lazy Reading for 2014/07/20

I spent this week watching an older Cisco ASA slowly lose its ability to see parts of the Internet.  How did I fix it?  pfSense.

Your unrelated link of the week: Avery Monsen’s Vines.  Vines are an excellent way to make a very short comedy sketch.  Infinite Waffles and Break the Silence are my favorites so far.  (via)

In Other BSDs for 2014/07/19

More than the usual source commit messages this week.