The max number of CPUs on DragonFly just went from 63 to 64.  This is really just a side effect of preparation to move up that limit, but I am entertained by the single-digit bump.
I bring the audio and the visual today. You unrelated comics link of the week: The Imitation Game, the story of Alan Turing, written by Jim Ottaviani and illustrated by Leland Purvis.  I have other work by both authors - they are excellent - and Alan Turning should be a name already familiar to you.
This week seems relatively quiet; possibly because school is out and the weather in the northern hemisphere is nice?
Predrag Punosevac noticed that turning on pf was slowing his machine down.  Rearranging the rules fixed a lot of it for him.  However, Matthew Dillon decided it was time to make pf work concurrently instead of in a single thread, and 24 hours later, it does.  Quick, someone benchmark this!
BSDNow 043 talks with Marc Espie of OpenBSD about packaging, goes through updating your BSD system (all of them?  I haven't watched yet), and discusses a number of other links.
If you are upgrading a DragonFly 3.6 system to 3.8, make sure you have the absolute latest version of 3.6 first.  A few people have had a crash during install of the new initrd, which leaves the system in an unbootable state. There's a fix now in 3.6 from Joris Giovannangeli, so updating 3.6 and then moving to 3.8 will ensure this doesn't happen.  He posted a heads-up notice too. (Why, yes, that is why was down for some hours today...  With Matthew Dillon and Sascha Wildner's help, I was able to copy bits of /boot and /usr from a live CD back on disk and get online again.)
Did you try to install DragonFly relatively recently and it never made it past the bootloader?  Apparently there's a bug in some BIOS when using a smaller USB drive to install.  The loader checks multiple places for information, and if it checks somewhere that's 'farther' than the end of the disk (i.e. 6G on a 4G USB key), the machine locks up. Matthew Dillon and Kyle Davis spent a good number of hours figuring this out today, and Matt committed a fix.   So, if you were bit by this problem, try a -LATEST image about 24 hours from now and see if it works.
Again, a backlog from last week means this week is fat. Your unrelated links of the week: My side hobby I never mention here is baking.  I looked up a word I didn't know, found out about an ice cream type I've never seen, started reading about odd things to do with eggs and pressure cookers, and now I'm confused by the possibilities.  No narrative point here; I just need to get in the kitchen.
I have a backlog from stuff I missed last week while traveling, so we all benefit!
The dports binary packages built for DragonFly 3.4 are removed.  If you have a 3.4 system, you can build from source, or preferably just upgrade.  Note that the 3.4 release images are still out there if needed.
I tagged DragonFly 3.6.3, at Sascha Wildner's suggestion.  Why do that when there's a 3.8.1 out?  This way there's a version of 3.6 that has all the fixes included, including the recent OpenSSL updates.  This 'final versioning' should probably be done for every release.  I'll work on final images.
The 3.8.1 tag was planned for tonight; I'm waiting to find out if there needs to be a new set of binary ports for 3.8.1 before I tag. I tagged DragonFly 3.8.1; you can see a list of the changes in the tag message.  New images are built. If you are already running 3.8.0, a normal make src-update and rebuild will get you everything.
Sascha Wildner has added the mrsas(4) driver, which works on a variety of LSI Thunderbolt devices - a variety of RAID cards, names for which are listed in the commit message.  Note that as of right now, these devices by default get taken by the mfi(4) driver, so you need to take extra steps to get mrsas(4) used.
The obvious joke should be "how can you tell?"  Anyway, the csprng in DragonFly has been updated and IBAA is being used more often, and there's more updates on the way.
I've been short on this week (worked 19 hour day Tues/Wed, ug), so the list is short. Your unrelated link of the week: Another Cyriak music video, this time for Bonobo.  (via)