Some meaty links this week.
BSDNow episode 039 is up, with an interview of Jon Anderson about capsicum and casperd, a tutorial about encrypting DNS traffic, and a slew of other links including ones to the recent BSDCan event presentations.
If you have DragonFly on a laptop, and a docking station for that laptop, it may be better supported now.  (no, I don't know exactly what acpi_dock does.)
Thanks to John Marino and people I don't know the name of in the gcc project, DragonFly is now part of the gcc test suite. "What about clang?" you say?  We're not picky; DragonFly works with either.
I've branched DragonFly 3.8, and tagged a release candidate.  Please try the release candidate if you can.  I have links in my post to users@/kernel@.  Don't forget the remaining issues!  Planned release date is June 4th.
Normally I'd save this for the In Other BSDs weekend item, but the time horizon is too short: Theo De Raadt and Bob Beck are giving a last-minute LibreSSL talk tonight at the Calgary UNIX Users Group meeting at 5:30 PM.  See for the location.
Lots to read this week - enjoy! Your unrelated link of the week: Well, not really unrelated, but this thought occurred to me.
A relatively calm week - probably because there were many people at BSDCan.
The May BSD Magazine is out, and Siju George has written an article about using Hammer on DragonFly.  It's a free download to read. (link fixed)
This week's full-length BSDNow episode has an interview of Brian Callahan (NYCBUG) and Aaron Bieber (COBUG) about BSD user groups, along with a number of other topics.