Open source opportunity right now

If ever there was a golden moment, this would be it: with the news that networking hardware from the US is suspect, as is China’s, the best networking setup seems to be one you can look at yourself.  Someone get those OpenCompute Networking machines going!  More port density!  Running BSD!

(Suggestions on how I can get a system with 24+ 1G ports are welcome; I need that at work immediately.)

2 Replies to “Open source opportunity right now”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Arista switches would be a good bet in that domain, worth looking at. I know some people, might be able to get you a good price if you’re interested.

  2. Dean says:

    Quanta switches run linux no problems. Distros are very much like openwrt

    Also Delta networks (these guys fabricate everything, look on the label of your Netgear switch)

    I believe that pica8 are more or less selling the Quanta with some support

    Also check out

    Supermicro also now sell switches, i have yet had the pleasure of playing with them but to me they look like they were fabricated by either quanta or delta networks. Pretty much every switch is Broadcom based anyway, especially in 10 gig – so unless they have done something nasty in the bootrom they should be feasible to run open source on.

    Checkout ->

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