4 Replies to “DragonFly 3.8RC2 out”

  1. There seem to be a lot of open tickets for the release still, I’ve never managed a release schedule of anything so I’m not talking from a background of experience by any means, but would it be bad if we waited until more of the bugs were worked out, there’s 63 bugs still listed open for the release. It seems like if we release as is on the 4th, that we’re admitting that we know there are 63 active bugs in the release, and that just seems weird to me.

  2. Some of these are bugs that aren’t yet reproduced; some are possibly already solved, some are not realistic to get done in this release timeframe (update pf, for instance), etc.

    These are all bugs that were arbitrarily linked to the release; none of these (that I know of) are common problems.

  3. Dunno – I haven’t even tried building them, and there hasn’t been any work on them since last release and the switch to pkg. It requires someone who’s really interested in it to organize and build it.

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