New USB on by default

DragonFly has moved from the old USB stack to USB4BSD by default.  That means:

  • If you are already using USB4BSD, you will want to remove WANT_USB4BSD from your kernel config.
  • If you have trouble, switch back to the old USB.
  • There’s some drivers that are not yet converted; help with them would be appreciated.  
  • A full kernel/world build and ‘make upgrade’ will be needed in either case.

Sascha Wildner’s announcement email has all the gory details, including the kernel config changes to move back to the old USB setup.  This is of course in master; 3.6 users are unaffected.

Lazy Reading for 2014/03/09

This week blew up with links fast.

Your unrelated video of the week: This trailer for Crawl.  This is a roguelike multiplayer cross-platform game, though I don’t know if it would work on BSD.  The important thing: the voiceover narration is fantastic.

In Other BSDs for 2014/03/08

Links everywhere this week!

Open source classes at RIT

Normally I’d save this for Lazy Reading, but I’m indirectly involved: the Rochester Institute of Technology now has a minor in Open Source and Free Culture.  Here’s the press release.  I taught one of the precursor classes, Humanitarian Free/Open Source Development (essentially open source development methods) last spring.  Steve Jacobs was my advisor years ago and Remy Decausemaker was my (best) student from the HFOSS class.  In any case, the courses are definitely worth it.  (via)

Summer of Code 2014 followup

I followed up with Google on why DragonFly isn’t in Summer of Code this year.  It is exactly as I suspected: they want to get new organizations in.  DragonFly’s been doing it for 6 years, so they are picking new orgs over returning ones.  This is apparently the same reason NetBSD isn’t in this year, either.

(Honestly, I can use the break.)

Lazy Reading for 2014/03/02

A public service announcement: Check your backup power systems when the weather is bad.  It has been so cold that the always-running heater blocks cooked away the coolant in my workplace’s backup generator in between the weekly inspections, and when the power died a few days ago, the generator failed to start.  This led to the paradoxical sensor warning: “High coolant temperature” when the outside temperature was below freezing.

Your unrelated link of the week: Muppets, NYC, and tea.  I know it’s an ad, but it fits my interests perfectly.

In Other BSDs for 2014/03/01

Another week where I barely need to look up source code commits.