Lazy Reading for 2014/03/02

A public service announcement: Check your backup power systems when the weather is bad.  It has been so cold that the always-running heater blocks cooked away the coolant in my workplace’s backup generator in between the weekly inspections, and when the power died a few days ago, the generator failed to start.  This led to the paradoxical sensor warning: “High coolant temperature” when the outside temperature was below freezing.

Your unrelated link of the week: Muppets, NYC, and tea.  I know it’s an ad, but it fits my interests perfectly.

3 Replies to “Lazy Reading for 2014/03/02”

  1. Don’t bother feeding the Digest to FB. I have 155 fans. My blog posts show for only 5-7 people.

    I’m told that I’d get better exposure if I didn’t use links back to my blog, and copied posts there wholesale. But that’s work.

    If I’m going to do that, I might as well just copy the message “Facebook refuses to display my content to my fans. Go to Twitter or directly my site.”

  2. Meaning they’ll show your own content to people you know – if you don’t do anything that indicates there’s an Internet outside of Facebook? Talk about walled gardens…

  3. Jungle-Boogie says:

    In regards to: Those who do not know jails are doomed to reinvent them

    Why would docker not make things right the first time? I can’t even to lie to you and say I’m a jails admin and I know everything there is to know, but if these problem exist in linux with docker, what’s making it so damn popular? many start ups are created because of this docker technology and it seems it’s not even that good of a solution. Once you get docker installed, you’ll have to get a specific docker image thing or else you may have issues later on and not have an idea why.

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