Lazy Reading for 2011/06/26

Somehow, I ended up with the most concise link listing I’ve ever done, even though I have a pretty good batch here.  Go figure.


A change for committers, a change for pkgsrc

Two completely separate and unrelated changes:

First, Alex Hornung has added a check to look for certain lines in a commit message, and add a MFC reminder note to the commit message if they are found.  MFC, if you haven’t heard it, means ‘merge from current’, or moving a change from dragonfly-current to the last release version.

Second, with the next quarterly release of pkgsrc coming up, there’s some old packages that will get dropped.  Speak up if you need them to stick around.


Donation credit where it’s due

Jeremy Chadwick donated an SSD to DragonFly developer ‘josepht’.  Thanks, Jeremy!

Normally I’d take this moment to point out the other donations that could be useful for DragonFly developers…  but there doesn’t seem to be any pending requests.  Anyone working on a hardware driver that needs something physical to test against?  Here’s the moment to note that.

Lazy Reading for 2011/06/19

A light week.  School’s nearly out in the States, so I expect the Internets to be quieter.

  • Another open-source compiler suite.  Maybe parts of it were open before?  I don’t know; all I have to go on is a press release.  Remember when there was GCC or nothing?
  • Read this; it will show you just how amazingly intricate the Telehack project is.  If that doesn’t convince you, read this.
  • Incomplete man pages are no fun.  Not this bad, but close.
  • Do you use PuTTY as a SSH client on Windows?  This PuTTY shortcut creator may be really handy.  It also saves your settings in a sane location, instead of buried somewhere in the registry as PuTTY does.
  • The origin of Pong.  (via)  It debunks some of the legends.
Lazy reading for 2011/06/12

A nice big pile of links this week.  Some of these may have cropped other places by now, but oh well.