Lazy Reading for 2011/06/19

A light week.  School’s nearly out in the States, so I expect the Internets to be quieter.

  • Another open-source compiler suite.  Maybe parts of it were open before?  I don’t know; all I have to go on is a press release.  Remember when there was GCC or nothing?
  • Read this; it will show you just how amazingly intricate the Telehack project is.  If that doesn’t convince you, read this.
  • Incomplete man pages are no fun.  Not this bad, but close.
  • Do you use PuTTY as a SSH client on Windows?  This PuTTY shortcut creator may be really handy.  It also saves your settings in a sane location, instead of buried somewhere in the registry as PuTTY does.
  • The origin of Pong.  (via)  It debunks some of the legends.

One Reply to “Lazy Reading for 2011/06/19”

  1. Edward says:


    I wonder if Dragonfly builds under Path Scale. Passing though new compilers always finds interesting new bugs to fix ^^
    Has anyone tried yet?


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