Another compilation site, plus me complaining

Dru Lavigne linked to; it’s an aggregate site that compiles the RSS feeds from a number of BSD sites.

It doesn’t list any news from this site.  I had a conversation with “Psyber.Monkey”, the maintainer some months ago and I pointed out that since it was copying posts wholesale, it sounded like I was writing for that website instead of my own, and it didn’t note the source, or even keep my name with my work.  He said he’d address that and remove my copied posts until it was fixed.  It looks like it hasn’t been addressed.

The BSD license (for example) allows for copying work, but it doesn’t allow you to strip the author’s name off the work.  The articles at least link back to the original articles now, but I’d like to see more specific attribution, as is done at other places that quote people’s work, like KernelTrap or even (usually) Slashdot.

I don’t want to sound too cranky about it, as he did reach out and check, which is a first – normally I just see my writing surface on aggregate feed sites, and that’s the earliest I hear of it.

Update: I take it back.

More mandoc madness

Undeadly has an article up about recent work on mandoc in a mini-hackathon.  It’s mentioned in context with OpenBSD in the article, but mandoc is also present in DragonFly, and is a potential groff replacement.  (And I think groff is the last item in base requiring C++?  I may be wrong.)  Plus, as I’ve said before, I like mandoc’s output.  It would be nice to use that for our online man pages, for instance.

Oh look, it’s LVM2!

Alex Hornung has imported LVM2 from NetBSD, along with cryptsetup and dm.  (Not dm(8), but devicemapper)  LVM(8) stands for Logical Volume Management, and it makes storage management much easier; you may have encountered it on NetBSD or Linux.  Those additional tools make it possible to encrypt volumes.  Alex has published details on how to use it.

Also: Alex’s not-really-related-but-I -mistakenly-linked-to-it udev/libdevattr work.