AboutBSD.net is putting source attribution on stories now, so I have nothing to complain about. Well, I suppose I could complain about the default margins on embedded story images.  It's too small.  Yes, I'm really reaching.
Jan Lentfer posted about his progress on upgrading pf.   He has pickups working, but on on a per-rule basis; he's looking for feedback on how important this option is for other users.
Dru Lavigne linked to AboutBSD.net; it's an aggregate site that compiles the RSS feeds from a number of BSD sites. It doesn't list any news from this site.  I had a conversation with "Psyber.Monkey", the maintainer some months ago and I pointed out that since it was copying posts wholesale, it sounded like I was writing for that website instead of my own, and it didn't note the source, or even keep my name with my work.  He said he'd address that and remove my copied posts until it was fixed.  It looks like it hasn't been addressed. The BSD license (for example) allows for copying work, but it doesn't allow you to strip the author's name off the work.  The AboutBSD.net articles at least link back to the original articles now, but I'd like to see more specific attribution, as is done at other places that quote people's work, like KernelTrap or even (usually) Slashdot. I don't want to sound too cranky about it, as he did reach out and check, which is a first - normally I just see my writing surface on aggregate feed sites, and that's the earliest I hear of it. Update: I take it back.
Is it time to move to GPT instead of the traditional fdisk/disklabel combo?  Petr thinks so.  There's some work to do, though.
Michael Lucas sent me a copy of his newest book, Network Flow Analysis, on the grounds that I read it and write what I thought.  While book reviews aren't usual fare for this site, it's appealing to write something different from my usual brief summaries. (more after the jump...) (more…)
I haven't seen an announcement at all, but I'm inferring that it's out.  I'll be changing the DragonFly build machines momentarily.
Dru Lavigne has posted a list of upcoming locations for BSDA exams; look for one near you, as this list is globe-spanning.
BSDTalk 194 has a conversation with D. Richard Hipp, about the Fossil "distributed software configuration management system".
For some reason, the direct links to recent Digest articles wasn't working on the DragonFly site's main page.  I've disabled it for now, but there's always the feed here, or Twitter, or Tumblr.
Matthew Dillon posted a warning about both Samuel Greear's kqueue work and Alex Hornung's LVM2 work.  Both are now committed to DragonFly 2.7.  These are dramatic (and useful!) changes, so some instability may happen for bleeding-edge users.   His post does include some minor detail on what was touched.
Joe Talbott's ported over iwn(4), which is the "driver for Intel 1000, 5100, 5150, and 6000 wifi chipsets."
There's an online hackathon (the 14th!) planned for July 30th through August 2nd for pkgsrc (and probably some NetBSD material too) at FreeNode/#netbsd-code on IRC.  Aleksej Saushev's post has more details. At least it's cheap to attend!
David Shao has updated his GSoC project page on the DragonFly website.  His project is updating DRM/GEM/KMS for BSD systems.  It's a huge but important piece of work.  This update brings news on updates to locking systems and data structures.
Samuel J. Greear's work on his Google Summer of Code project, unifying the select/poll/kevent subsystem into kevent, is already available for testing.  Any testing - just booting, or running X, or other simple tasks - is useful, as this new system touches many things.
Alex Hornung has imported LVM2 from NetBSD, along with cryptsetup and dm.  (Not dm(8), but devicemapper)  LVM(8) stands for Logical Volume Management, and it makes storage management much easier; you may have encountered it on NetBSD or Linux.  Those additional tools make it possible to encrypt volumes.  Alex has published details on how to use it. Also: Alex's not-really-related-but-I -mistakenly-linked-to-it udev/libdevattr work.