Month: August 2012

Do you have a SSD yet?

Because here’s some recommendations on good models, and here’s a way to check SSD health.  Seriously, they’re great.

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3.0.3 images up

I’ve uploaded DragonFly 3.0.3 disk images, both ISO and IMG.  They should start appearing on a mirror site near you in the next 24 hours.  This took a while after the tagging, I know, but I wanted to make sure every one of them booted.  I didn’t on a previous release, and regretted it.

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LSI users, take note

If you have a LSI RAID card, meaning you are using the mfi(4) driver, Sascha Wildner has added  /proc/devices to linprocfs, so that LSI’s MegaCLI configuration utility will run.

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Is your battery smart?

Sascha Wildner has pushed smart battery support, based on a patch from Dmitry Komissaroff and FreeBSD.  He asks people to try it out.  It apparently provides for more accurate battery charge level readings?

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Postgres benchmarking again

Francois Tigeot benchmarked several different operating systems using Postgres 9.2b3, including DragonFly, and published the results.  I have a local copy of the PDF since the attachment didn’t really survive the archiving.  Follow the thread for discussion.  The Linux results look abnormally high, so it is possible that something different is happening on that platform…

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Lazy Reading for 2012/08/26

There’s certainly no theme to this week’s links.  I even manage to avoid my usual git and vim links, strangely.

Your unrelated comic link of the week: Cul De Sac.   The strip is ending due to the creator’s health issues, but what he has done is marvelous.  This is one of the few newspaper strips that is both visually interesting and often abruptly laugh out loud funny, without being patronizing.

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Any mbox files for lists?

Do you happen to have the saved messages for one or more mailing lists sitting around?  Hopefully in mbox format?  I’m working on getting Mailman installed to replace bestserv, and being able to bring in the old messages would be nice.

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DragonFly and GSoC 2012 wrapup

DragonFly had a successful Google Summer of Code even this year.  It marks our 5th time participating, 7th if you count  Google Code-In events.

Mihai Carabas worked on adding SMT/HT awareness to the DragonFly scheduler.   This project was very successful.  The original goal was just to take advantage of threading with the scheduler, but the benchmarks published by Mihai show in general a 5% speedup from these scheduler changes.  His work has already been committed.

Vishesh Yadav implemented an inotify interface in DragonFly.  inotify is an originally Linux-based system for monitoring files and directories for changes.  A specific use for this is an inotify-aware locate program, so that a list of file locations can be kept ‘live’.  His code for the inotify interface should be committed to DragonFly very soon.

(This was written in part for Google to use on their Open Source Blog.)

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3.0.3 tagged

I’m working on building new images, but: DragonFly 3.0.3 has been tagged.  If you’re running 3.0, you can update and get some of the recent bug fixes.

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Vendor support is always nice

I noticed that this recent commit from Sepherosa Ziehau is a bug fix for jme(4).  The commit thanks a JMicron employee for help.  It’s always appreciated when a vendor is helpful to an open-source project for hardware support.  It’s also something you should consider the next time you are shopping for computer parts.

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dhclient update

Antonio Huete has updated dhclient(8) to match the OpenBSD version from whence it comes.  I think all (most?) the BSDs use the OpenBSD dhcp client as a base now.  The only user-facing change I see in a quick reading of the changes is a new ‘egress’ command line option.

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Lazy Reading for 2012/08/19

I think I’ve made it through my backlog of things to post.  For no apparent reason, I ended up with a whole bunch of ‘this vs. that’ links this week.

Your unrelated link of the week: Taipan!  I played this on the Apple ][ and loved it.  The buy-low-sell-high game is an old genre that hasn’t been used in newer games in the same fashion as roguelikes or sidescrollers.  The only recent equivalents I can think of are Drug Wars and maaaaybe Eve Online.

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What to fix next for pkgsrc

John Marino has been on a tear fixing pkgsrc packages, and he posted a list of what he considers the most necessary packages to get working on DragonFly.  Several people have already stepped up and fixed them if you follow the thread.  If one of these packages is something you use, it’s worth looking at.

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Tcl and fuse news

John Marino is working on updating tcl in pkgsrc.  It’s apparently quite messy to update, which may be why it has sat out of date for some time.  Never one to rest, he’s also been making FUSE filesystems work on DragonFly.  (Here’s a FUSE explanation, if you need it.)

Also this.  Someday I’m going to write a “games on DragonFly” feature, or series.

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Actually trying Hammer 2

If you wanted to try Hammer 2 and you have several DragonFly-current systems around (virtual or not), Matthew Dillon has the instructions.  Keep in mind that this is not something ready for use; it can’t actually free up space, for instance.  It’s neat that you can have multiple systems passing data back and forth already, though!

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Another book tip: Vim and Vi Tips

Seen on Ycombinator News, the Vim and Vi Tips e-book on Amazon is _free_ today, and possibly just today.  It’s a Kindle book, but there’s software Kindle readers from Amazon if you don’t have one.

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More pkgsrc bulk

John Marino finished another bulk build of pkgsrc, and reports a 96.4% package success rate, using DragonFly and pkgsrc-current.   We’re just a week or so from the next quarterly pkgsrc freeze, come to think of it…

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Planning for the next release

3.2 is the next major release of DragonFly, which will be relatively soon by the every-6-months release schedule.  John Marino’s put together another catch-all bug report for that release.

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Some more networking chipset updates

Francois Tigeot has updated the ixgbe(4) driver, and Sepherosa Ziehau has added TSO support for bce(4) and additional bge(4) related chips, mostly from the FreeBSD drivers.

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Summer of Code, week something

I was on the road and missed last week’s summaries for Summer of Code, and we’re almost at the end of the session, so I’ll just link to the most recent items from Mihai Carabas (there’s a lot there!), Vishesh Yadav,  and Ivan Freitas.

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Two different pkgsrc reports

I recently completed a bulk build of pkgsrc-2012Q2 on 64-bit DragonFly, though I still haven’t had a successfuly 32-bit build.  However, John Marino has a report of how many packages are working on DragonFly in pkgsrc-current.  (Answer: more than 95%)

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Hammer 2 status report

Matthew Dillon recent posted a status report for Hammer 2.  Of interest is the spanning tree protocol being built to handle messages between Hammer volumes.  As he says in the message:

For example, we want to be able to have millions of diskless or cache-only clients be able to connect into a cluster and have it actually work…

(No, it doesn’t do this, yet.)

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alc(4) now works better, faster

Sepherosa Ziehau has added MSI support and cleaned up the alc(4) driver.  If you’re using a network card with the Atheros AR8131 or AR8132 chipsets, you should see an improvement.

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More RocketRAID support

Sascha Wildner has ported over more RocketRaid support, in the form of PCI IDs for various 4xxx and 3xxx series cards for hptiop(4), and a hpt27xx(4) driver that supports even more hardware.

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Lazy Reading for 2010/08/12

A light list this week, but I’ve been on an island in Canada the past week.  I can’t see much except water from there.
  • Part of the reason I started this Digest was to document things that would otherwise remain buried on mailing lists.  So I feel there’s a parallel between this and reporting on police scanners – not the same content, but the same intent.
  • The Esoteric Whodunit.  Read this article and think of the last time you were explaining something computer-related to someone, and had to change what you said in order to make it more comprehensible.
  • SSD Cache Accelerators work.  This is not news to anyone who has used swapcache(8), which does just what these hardware products do – in software, free.  Here’s where you can pat yourself on the back for being a DragonFly user.  (via)
  • Desktop 2.0 and the future of the networked operating system.  This somewhat wandering article assumes having everything go online is a good thing.

Your unrelated link of the week: The Counting Song.

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BSD Magazine for August

I spent the last week on an island in Lake Huron in Canada, so I missed that the latest issue of BSD Magazine is out.  I’ll catch up when I can.  Anything interesting happen while I was gone?

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Lazy Reading for 2012/08/05

I seem to include a vi/vim tip every week.  It’s not on purpose, or at least it wasn’t until now.

Your unrelated link of the week: a thorough investigation of the history of the ‘long s’ character, via.  If that’s too cerebral for you, try this video of a man making turkeys gobble, which made me laugh and laugh.

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Hammer 2 messages

Hammer 2 (or is it HAMMER2?) is nowhere near ready to test. But!  For laughs, I think it could be set up just so you can watch the messages go back and forth.  Someone want to set up a few DragonFly-current VMs and try?

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Another SSD conversation

Pierre Abbat is curious about using Hammer on an SSD.  The discussion that came from that has some useful points, including notes that a straightforward SSD as disk works for most anything with Hammer other than very intensive database use, due to the history retention.  If space is an issue, swapcache on the SSD and attaching a normal HDD is a fine alternative.  A SSD with Hammer can leave some features off, though I’d argue that dedup is totally worth is.  Also, SSD speed is directly correlated with size.

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More HighPoint RocketRAID support

Sascha Wildner’s added support (from FreeBSD) for the HighPoint RocketRAID 17xx, 22xx, 23xx and 25xx, via the hptrr(4) driver.

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Quick book deal

Noting this now cause it’s timely: O’Reilly is selling Perl ebooks at 50% off until the 9th, with the code WKPER5.  (seen here)

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Summer of Code Scheduler benchmarks

Mihai Carabas has posted some more results from an 8-core system showing his efforts to make the scheduler multi-threading aware.  The results are generally a 5% speed gain, which I think matches previous benchmarks on machines with less processors.

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EuroBSDCon 2012 registration open

If you’re going to be near Warsaw, Poland, in late October, you can visit EuroBSDCon.  Registration is open now.

(The logo makes me think of a certain meme.)

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TCP Segmentation Offloading added

Sepherosa Ziehau’s added TSO support (that’s TCP Segmentation Offloading”, or “Large Segment Offload” going by Wikipedia) within IPv4 on DragonFly, pushing segmentation work from the CPU to the network card.  There’s also some DragonFly-specific improvements.

There’s been a lot of commits from him lately focused around network card improvements; they haven’t been easily summarizable, but it’s worth watching if you are interested in high-bandwidth usage and the hardware to support it.

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ciss(4) updates

The ciss(4) device, if you don’t know offhand, is for a variety of SCSI-3 adapters – mostly ones labeled “HP Smart Array”.  Sascha Wildner has imported a large number of driver updates from FreeBSD.

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