DragonFly and GSoC 2012 wrapup

DragonFly had a successful Google Summer of Code even this year.  It marks our 5th time participating, 7th if you count  Google Code-In events.

Mihai Carabas worked on adding SMT/HT awareness to the DragonFly scheduler.   This project was very successful.  The original goal was just to take advantage of threading with the scheduler, but the benchmarks published by Mihai show in general a 5% speedup from these scheduler changes.  His work has already been committed.

Vishesh Yadav implemented an inotify interface in DragonFly.  inotify is an originally Linux-based system for monitoring files and directories for changes.  A specific use for this is an inotify-aware locate program, so that a list of file locations can be kept ‘live’.  His code for the inotify interface should be committed to DragonFly very soon.

(This was written in part for Google to use on their Open Source Blog.)

One Reply to “DragonFly and GSoC 2012 wrapup”

  1. Indeed a good outcome;
    it is very nice that Mihai did cover more than SMT/HT which was original scope,
    is a bit moot IMO: too limited scope, e.g. not relevant for AMD models and we missed more general multi core scheduler policies in DragonFly.

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