Lazy Reading for 2016/07/10

Assembled hastily on Saturday, which is later than I’ve been in a long time.

Unrelated link of the week: Heavy metal riff generator.  (via)  Related to unrelated: Heavy Metal and Natural Language Processing – Part 1.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2016/05/15

I have some links I meant to post weeks ago, so lots of variety this week.

Your unrelated link of the week: The GLOG.  The Goblin Laws of Gaming, a homebrew RPG.  I love just reading the rules on these sorts of things.

Lazy Reading for 2016/04/24

This week filled up fast, despite me having an exam to take in the middle of it.

Your unrelated link of the week: HOW TO OPERATE YOUR FROG.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2016/04/03

This I all built up over the past two weeks, so plenty to read here.

Lazy Reading for 2016/03/20

I’m sort of proud of how wide a range of topics are covered this week.


Lazy Reading for 2016/03/13

I had too many links for this as early as Tuesday.

Your unrelated video link of the week: Rotoscoped Horse.  Taken from the old Muybridge photos.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2016/02/21

I earn the roguelike tag this week.

Your unrelated link of the week: The Voynich Manuscript and Codex Serahinianus, in PDF form.  Ignore the “never-cracked ancient mystery” bit about the Voynich Manuscript, but it’s still interesting to look at.

Lazy Reading for 2016/02/14

Rapid topic shifts this week.

Your unrelated tea link of the week: Cuppa Thugs.


Lazy Reading for 2016/02/07

A bit nostalgic this week.

Your unrelated video link of the week: Aircraft Crash Tests Composite Data Film.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2015/12/13

A good chunk of this is brought over from last week, cause there was so much.

Your unrelated game link of the week: Freecol.  Runs on all the BSDs (thanks Thomas Klausner), as far as I can tell.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2015/11/29

I am all over the map this week.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Sunday Comics Kickstarter.

Your unrelated open source game of the week: 0 A.D.  Works on FreeBSD and OpenBSD and can run on DragonFly if you can fix gloox.  (via)

Lazy Reading for 2015/11/15

It might snow around here today, and I am looking forward to it.


Lazy Reading for 2015/11/08

When I say the links are wide-ranging this week, I mean it.

Lazy Reading for 2015/09/06

Somehow I managed to find mostly articles with long headlines this week.

Lazy Reading for 2015/08/23

This is the week for entertainment, not deep thought.


Lazy Reading for 2015/08/09

There’s some meaty reading this week, so get settled in and start clicking.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Cartozia Tales.  It’s a comics series where different comics artists start a story, then hands the story off to a different writer and artist for each issue after that.  I’ve been getting individual issues as they make them, and I want more people to subscribe, so they can get enough cash to print the last few issues.  (Independent comics is a hard business.)  Order the complete series, for yourself or as a unique present for a smaller person.

Lazy Reading for 2015/08/02

Be ready for the latent craziness in some of the links for this Lazy Reading episode.

Your off-topic movie link of the week: The Fabulous World of Jules Verne.  (via an internet cult.)  Originally titled Invention For Destruction and released by a Czech director, then subtitled to English.  Looks like a strange mix of steampunk content and Monty Python-style animation.  That may seem only mildly interesting until you notice it was filmed in 1958.

Lazy Reading for 2015/07/26

Short list this week – no particular reason.

Lazy Reading for 2015/07/05

I don’t know why I’ve been finding so many roguelike links lately, but it’s to our benefit.