Lazy Reading for 2022/02/27

This was done early; there’s been a lot of interesting reads on the feeds, so to speak.



In Other BSDs for 2022/02/26

Software releses is the mini-theme, I guess.

Patreon followup

If you enjoy reading my posts, whether the DragonFly-specific material during the week or the weekend rollups, I have a Patreon account where you can effectively tip me.

I’m not trying to turn this into real income, so I haven’t been plugging it – but a number of people have been contributing and I really appreciate it.  I have my own reoccurring Patreon pledges, and this is a good time to point you at Linda Medley (cause I have a number of her books), ABBADON (for Kill Six Billion Demons), and Cooking Issues (cause their podcast is fun).  None of that is BSD or even computer related.

A reminder on X

I know I’ll need this again, so I am making a post out of it.  If you are running a DragonFly system through NVMM using the excellent site instructions, and you want X apps to display on a local Windows workstation, you need to:

  1. Install VcXsrv (or your X server of choice) on Windows and start it up.
  2. Install xauth and xterm on the DragonFly host.
  3. On the DragonFly host, set these three options in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.  They are already there but commented out with different arguments.
    X11Forwarding yes
    X11DisplayOffset 0
    X11UseLocalhost yes
  4. Reload sshd: ‘service sshd reload’.
  5. ‘Enable X11 Forwarding’ under Connection -> SSH -> X11 in the puTTY setup dialog.

Connect to the DragonFly host with puTTY, type ‘xterm’, and a terminal window should appear on your Windows desktop within a few seconds.  This could be turned into a shortcut with puTTY to avoid having redundant terminals, but I’m not writing that out yet.


Lazy Reading for 2022/02/20

No mini-theme this week.

In Other BSDs for 2022/02/19

No theme this week other than of course BSD.

Lazy Reading for 2022/02/13

Old hardware is the mini-theme.

In Other BSDs for 2022/02/12

No mini-theme.

Lazy Reading for 2022/02/06

Mini-theme: music.


In Other BSDs for 2022/02/05

Note the first three items are events with deadlines happening now.