No theme; nicely eclectic. Your unrelated video of the week: Tom Baker saying "bread".  (via)
Watch that Kernighan video; he is what a historian would call a primary source.
There's no pun in the title; this week's BSD Now really links to a browser implementation of UNIX-ish resources.  Is it POSIX?  Not quite.  Is it UNIX?  No.  Is it Linux?  Probably using that as a reference, so it's a copy of a copy.  Still, interesting.  There's other articles too; don't be distracted by my digression.
There's a reported bug with NVMM and QEMU if you boot a guest using UEFI.  Until it's fixed, use BIOS.
Mini-theme: computer error. Your unrelated personal frustration of the week: Legacy G Suite will no longer be free.   I need to figure out a self hosting solution.
The UNIX compliance link is worth reading all the way through; it is a chunk of history I did not know at all.
This week's BSD Now leads off with a toolchain name but actually starts listing all the FreeBSD Foundation year-end summaries that came out recently.  Plus more links.
That BBS link is possibly going to eat a zillion hours of your life.  Fair warning.
Catching up on some items I missed last week.    
It may be because I am a nerd but I enjoy reading detailed explanations of bugfixes like this one for HAMMER2.  This fix is present in the 6.2 release, of course.
But wait, you say, what about 6.2.0?  I performed my biyearly tagging error and screwed up the 6.2.0 tag, so we're releasing with 6.2.1.  On the plus side, this last minute redo let two bug fixes creep in that would have been in a later 6.2.1 anyway.  This will be your first chance to try NVMM/Qemu support if you follow releases and not bleeding edge. The release notes have the details, including the new, improved build process, and a link to the surprisingly-large list of all the changes and closed bugs.  
Mini-theme this week: small hardware projects.
End-of-year articles I am just catching up to now.
Not today, but for future Fridays: eat lunch with NYCBUGSay something if you can attend. Update: I misinterpreted, I thought it was reoccurring weekly starting next week, but it happened today.  I was working and couldn't get to it.  I think it's the equivalent meeting for this month, instead.  Somebody from NYCBUG set me straight if I'm still wrong.