Oddball finds week. Your unrelated video of the week: "treat the human face like a graphic equaliser for breakbeat".  Hypnotic.  (via)
Some useful setup instructions in here.
I've mentioned it before, but this recent update to dma in DragonFly reminded me: "dma" stands for DragonFly Mail Agent, a minimal mail agent created for DragonFly as a lighter, local replacement for Sendmail in a base install.  But!  It's cross-platform now, and even "upstream" from DragonFly.
This week's BSD Now is an excellent HTTP joke but is also effectively a guest episode, with some new talkers.
This is a good link week; several deep dives.    
Done early, and I have more BSD-related tabs to get through.
This week's BSD Now, a light run, talks about licensing and industrial automation, but not at the same time.
I've seen this a number of times over the years: if you're installing DragonFly and the install drive seems to disappear, it might be the USB port you plug into.
Time for a new category marking.  
Some opinion, some documentation.
This week's BSD Now leads with that article about how the GPL isn't fit for purpose; read it if you have not yet.
Sascha Wildner has added the PCI IDs for various recent ichsmb(4) devices.  This I think just means a correct device name in dmesg, but unidentified smbus devices has plagued me for years, even with other operating systems.
DragoFly 6.0 is tagged and ready for download.  There's ISO images and of course you can upgrade using the notes on the release page.  One of the improvements in this release cycle is improved dsynth support, so of course there are many prebuilt packages available; don't forget to update those too.
Nostalgia mini-theme this week, or maybe "classical"?
Lots to read, yet I still have unposted tabs!  
There's only been one issue found in the release candidate so far.  It's fixed, so I'll tag and build 6.0 within the next few days.