I don't have to work today for the first time since I am not sure when.  For that, you get links links links.
The first link here is the one that everyone should take advantage of.  
Because of this commit that makes some changes to lib/stdio, you might get more reinstalls than you expect on your next pkg upgrade because of the __DragonFly_version change.  This only applies to -current (5.9) users. (I might be wrong)
Literally most of the tabs I have open right now, in front of you.
I am posting it a bit late, but this week's BSD Now has a bunch of how-tos and history; a good mix.
If you want to build a kernel with no options, stripped down, here you go.  I don't know how useful it would be...
Matthew Dillon has made significant changes to the callout API in DragonFly.  Interesting to look at, but I think no changes from a user point of view.
Surely some of these are repeats?
The newest BSD Now is up with the usual suspects for topics: a FreeBSD release, a ZFS item, and something OpenBSD.
DragonFly has a new version of libressl,  noting cause it has a newer TLS1.3 implementation - something that may be necessary for you.
There's some good reading/projects linked in here, so if you have free time, this can keep you busy. Your unrelated music of the week: KUTMAH: Isolation Tapes v.006.  There's a lot more good music from this person.  
Virtual BUG meetings could be fun (see links); I'd like to attend even if it's not local.  If I can put aside time...  
I'm a bit late noting it, but BSD Now 375 is almost all virtualization topics.