Happy leap day!
One side effect of repeated package builds is that you start looking at ways to optimize for intense, repeated, parallel software compilation.
I am running a bit late posting about it, but BSD Now 339 is out, with conversations about recent different releases, plus as the title says, fundraising.
Still backlogged, which means one of these weekends I'll catch up and you'll have about a zillion links to click.
No theme this week cause I think I hit everything.  
tmpfs on DragonFly now clusters writes better, so performance is improved in high-activity environments... which is probably why you are using tmpfs anyway.  The post says 2-4x improvement when paging out.
BSD Now 338 is up, which strangely is listed as the "100th episode" on the site, but I think that means it's only indexed through #239.  Anyway, it has the normal ingredients - a ZFS article, a convention note, and a link into a conversation about OpenBSD, among other things.
I tagged version 5.8 a few days ago.  Release will be soon, but not before this weekend.
The next scheduled meeting for SEMIBUG is tonight.  Go, if you are near.
Partial overflow this week, which means probably even more next week.  We all benefit!
UNIX history as an accidental theme this week. Update: NetBSD 9.0 is released.
This week's BSD Now covers user groups and convention talks and releases and really the full gamut.
Apple ][ minitheme, this week. Your unrelated music link of the day: A Beginner’s Guide to Venetian Snares’ Breakcore Madness.  Oh Bandcamp RSS feed, how did I live without you?
Another overflow week.