DragonFly has an automated installer, called PFI, for "pre-flight installer".  It's not well-known, and there isn't a man page to link to for it that I can find.  Because of that, I jump at any chance I can get to link documentation or example configs.
I realized I've been working on the Digest for almost a decade and a half now, and I have readers outside of just DragonFly.  I've always been grateful for the attention people pay to my aggressive trips down the rabbit hole. I'm also always hungry.  Hungry for more information, sure, but also for a sandwich.  If you want to send me a link, that's great, but until now you couldn't really send me a sandwich.  I've set up a Patreon page, so now you can.
Oddball and quirky links, the best part of Lazy Reading. Your unrelated music link of the week: Justin Broadrick interview.
It's a mad rush to get these all posted in time for the weekend.
There's a fix for memory contention in NUMA (meaning Threadripper in this case) configurations on DragonFly; the commit has before-and-after numbers.  They are somewhat context-free, so I can't easily translate to what this means for performance.
BSDNow 269, along with convention reports and other items, covers something I never expected: System V daemons on BSD.
Still clearing...
Well, I cleared my tab backlog, but not my RSS backlog...
This week's BSDNow has a lot of "You will not regret knowing this" material - ZFS performance measurement, 2FA SSH, and using Netcat in various ways.
Did you use the  digi(4), rp(4) and si(4) serial device drivers in DragonFly?  I don't think so, but you definitely can't now.
SemiBUG is having the monthly meeting tonight.  The presenter is Nick Holland, talking about SPECTRE mitigations in OpenBSD, and similar mechanisms.  If you are near, go.
Here's your reminder: MeetBSD is happening October 19-20 in Santa Clara, CA.  That's the end of this week.  Go, if you are near.
A good, oddball week. Your unrelated comics link of the week: Draculagate, a book funded by Kickstarter.  Watch the video.