I keep posting about Sepherosa Ziehau's work on sustaining extremely high traffic loads in DragonFly.  Now I'm posting about a tool to create that load: kq_sendrecv.  It creates tens of thousands of TCP connections, without creating a process for each, and uses kqueue, as you might guess from the name.  This may be useful if you really want to tax another system.
This is actually overflow completely from previous weeks.  I am not sure how I am ending up so far ahead on these but not the Saturday BSD items.  As long as it shows up on the expected day, I suppose it works out. Your kinda-unrelated item for the week: Butterfly Stomp, Michael W. Lucas's free short story.  He writes fiction when he's not writing BSD books.    
By the time you read this, I will have already been at my second job for 5 hours.
This week's garbage[] podcast is up, to go with the BSDTalk interview, and they've made it to 20 episodes.    There's a section at the end about cross-pollination (my favorite BSD term) which I have not been able to listen to yet, but I'm curious. It's zero-indexed, if that made you confused for a second. Update: I listened, and the cross-pollination conversation matches my impressions too.  Decentralized leadership is a cause, I think.
BSDTalk 263 has a 17 minute interview with joshua stein and Brandon Mercer, who create the at-least-partially-BSD-themed garbage.fm podcast.  It's a podcast about podcasters!
BSDNow 134 is out, with a news roundup and an interview of Mark Felder, talking about FreeBSD ports. (Which may extend to DragonFly, indirectly, through dports; I haven't listened yet.)
If you have a Radeon video card in your DragonFly system, and are running bleeding-edge, there's an update for you.  This is a partial sync with Radeon code for Linux 3.18, with no additional notes in the commit but you can always check elsewhere.
John Marino has added the starting framework to use clang as the alternate base compiler in DragonFly.  Note that it's not hooked into the build yet.  This is the first non-GCC compiler added into DragonFly, so there's some work yet before you can have an all-clang system.  This should replace GCC 4.7, which is the current alternate compiler.  GCC 5.0 is the default, if you didn't know. Note that clang is present in dports, so it's already been available for general use, for some time.  This framework is for building DragonFly itself.
I'm sort of proud of how wide a range of topics are covered this week.  
This time, this was all last-minute.  
Garbage 18 is out, and talks about the hardware in the title - and also goes into tethering between Android and OpenBSD, which I am sure someone will find immediately useful.
If you somehow have a device with multiple SD/MMC card slots, you can now access all of them under DragonFly.  (Apparently done to make a tablet run DragonFly better, going by IRC conversation)
BSDNow 133 is a recap of everything seen and done at the just-concluded AsiaBSDCon 2016.  In addition, there's a conversation with Brad Davis about packaging FreeBSD's base system.  (there's been talks about this before.) (I know AsiaBSDCon 2016 was streamed; was the video made available?)