Lazy Reading for 2016/01/10

I am prewriting most of this post because I have a significant hardware changeout happening this weekend at work; let’s hope for quiet.

Your unrelated food link of the week:  The teas to make you forget all about coffee.  Not as smug as the usual tea article, thank goodness.

In Other BSDs for 2016/01/09

I had so many tabs open of things to post that I lost some until the last minute.

Lazy Reading for 2016/01/03

The first link will bring you a lot more reading.

Your off-topic link of the week: The food timeline.   This is one of those old-school sites without fancy formatting, created mostly though one person’s focus on a topic, and astonishingly in-depth.  This sort of thing makes me so happy to see.

In Other BSDs for 2016/01/02

That first link is important.  DragonFly, as a project, hasn’t had issues like that yet, but that’s more a side effect of it being a smaller project rather than anything else.