In Other BSDs for 2016/01/02

That first link is important.  DragonFly, as a project, hasn’t had issues like that yet, but that’s more a side effect of it being a smaller project rather than anything else.

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  1. Very interesting post by FreeBSDGirl. I hope it all works out.

  2. Boot environments would be a very interesting feature to have when HAMMER2 stabilizes.

  3. Just beacause there are some ppl who have problems isnt reason for leaving a community. However, as I understood there is no difference now, because she was not in the community for some time.
    Icould also write such a post about female having problems with males, there are a lot of these issues and the problems are somehow in understanding each others sexuality. There are women, I know one from my childhood, who love to humiliate. Few years ago, I wrote her on her Facebook (at that point of time I was on facebook, I left later, because of other reasons) and she still failed to aknowledge that what she had done to me when I was a child was wrong. She still thinks of herself as being right, even though she is older than me and now has a child of her own. So yes, there are ppl who are harrassing other ppl and it seems not to go away only because some or other community does ban such behaviour. It will go elsewhere. I do not understand this videogame politics there, related to in the blog, but from what I understand, it was a place for such ppl to organize their sadness and now it seems to have moved to other communities, like the developers and maybe it will pop up in next communities in near future. Yes, there is a problem and it is a social problem. Running away from those ppl isnt a soulution either. But I can perfectly understand that she has no lust to approach such ppl. I only approached my special female “friend” once and never since. But it would not be wrong if someone talked to her (or to other ppl behaving like this). The only problem is that they do not think that they are wrong.

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