Even though DragonFly is not incorporated as a non-profit, there's been a rash of unsolicited donations in the last few weeks, all of which are appreciated.  For end-of-year - or start-of-new-year donations - there's also the 501(c)3 organizations behind FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD, too.
There's some DragonFly links I snuck in here because why not?
Christmas doesn't stop BSDNow from happening, and this week - along with the normal news summary - has an interview with Trent Thompson about virtualization on FreeBSD.  Specifically, iohyve, the new management system. (Linking directly to the broadcast site instead of the page with the full summary on the BSDNow site, because that summary page isn't up as of me posting this.)
I was going to point at a new igb(4) update for testing, but Sepherosa Ziehau has already merged it.  Try it if you have the right Intel networking hardware.
The latest episode interviews Robert N. M. Watson and George V. Neville-Neil for 36 minutes, about teachbsd.org.  Also, BSDTalk has been running for 10 years!   It's been long enough I couldn't remember if it started before the Digest.
Finally, a week of links you can get through in one sitting.
Yet another week that I started 2 weeks ago; this end-of-calendar-year is full of BSD goings-on.
The DragonFly installer has been modified to produce disk arrangements that will generally match between UFS and Hammer installs, plus directories where you usually don't want Hammer history or backups (like /tmp or /usr/obj) are now under /build and null-mounted to where you'd expect, since null-mounting works transparently well on DragonFly.  Matthew Dillon has a note explaining the whole thing.
The official title for BSDNow 120 is "I’m talking about the man in the middle" which is too long for an article title here.  It's a Michael Jackson reference and a type of attack against encryption, if you are unclear.  Anyway, the episode has the usual news roundup and an interview of Pawel Jakub Dawidek.
As mentioned previously, Sepherosa Ziehau is printing up some DragonFly T-shirts for WeChat users.  He's going to have a few left over, so he is sending them to me to hand to non-China people.  If you want one, leave a note saying so in the comments.  Here's the front and back. You need to provide some way for me to contact you - preferably email, and the size you'd want.  (Use the Land's End Men's Shirts chart for sizing, because why not.)  I'll only have a few, so no guarantees. Update: I have more responses than probable shirts at this point - sorry!  I'll get in contact with each of you once the shirts come in and arrange delivery.
It's tonight at 7 PM, with the details found on the NYCBUG mailing list.  RSVP as soon as you can if you are near enough to go - and you should go.
A good chunk of this is brought over from last week, cause there was so much. Your unrelated game link of the week: Freecol.  Runs on all the BSDs (thanks Thomas Klausner), as far as I can tell.  (via)