I'll quote right from the summary for the 14-minute-long BSDTalk 254: "An interview with Ken Worster who is presenting on topics which include PFSense and FreeNAS in schools at the Technology Teacher ME conference in Bethel Maine."
I came up with a whole bunch of links at the last minute despite traveling and being sick.  I'm dedicated to your idle reading! Your off-topic link of the week: you have about a week to pay $35 to not die when the Earth is destroyed on July 5th.  It's the 18th time the world has almost ended, so it has to work out one of these times.  
More and more BSDCan videos keep showing up.  (See the bottoms of individual speaker pages on the BSDCan site.)  Here's the PC-BSD summary.
BSDNow 95 has an interview with Sean Chittenden of FreeBSD/Groupon, along with the usual roundup of BSD news - and more links to various BSDCan presentations.
If you wanted to try IPFW3 and NAT, nans_nans1 has done the experimentation for you, and wrote down the steps.
Sascha Wildner has been removing the no-longer-needed bits of i386 support in DragonFly.  One of the things going away is APM, the 32-bit power management superseded by acpiconf.  If you still type 'apm' out of habit, it's aliased so you won't be surprised.
I had to do this early, too, so the link count is a bit low this week.  Sorry!  
I compiled this all bit early, so hopefully nothing exciting happens between now and when it gets posted.  
Now that DragonFly can (in most cases) offer video outside of X with KMS, not just text, more console options are possible.   By default, your accelerated console will scale to 80x25, but you can now tell it how many columns you want and it'll automatically scale to fit your resolution.  Or you can turn it off.
This week's episode of BSDNow has an interview of Marc Espie of OpenBSD.  There's yet another Linux-user-going-BSD story, and a nice collection of links to presentations from the just-finished BSDCan 2015 event.
Thanks to Sepherosa Ziehau, powerd will now start the shutdown process if you are down to 2% battery on your DragonFly laptop.  It also will delay for 60 seconds if you just booted up and are desperately searching for a power cable.
'Historic information week' is this week's accidental theme. Your unrelated comics link of the week: Fully Computerized.
I've uploaded DragonFly 4.0.6 ISO and .img files.  (Does that capitalization make sense?)  They should be available at your nearest mirror, or will be shortly. I am still working on the 4.2 release candidate images.
News is a bit light this week, probably because BSDCan was eating up people's attention.  I am assuming video will be up soon; I want to see the keynote.
The more eagle-eyed may have noticed a branching for DragonFly 4.2, and for DragonFly 4.0.6.  The 4.2 branch is currently only a release candidate, so don't necessarily change over yet - it's for testing, not release.  Note that packages for 4.2 are not yet built, so you'll have to manually specify a package path to install with pkg on 4.2 - for now.. That won't be the case for the actual release, of course.  DragonFly 4.3 users will have to specify PKG_PATH manually to use 4.2 images until new ones are built.  4.2 release candidate users will be fine.  (see comments for correction.) The 4.0.6 release is mostly to get the recent OpenSSL update into a 4.0.x build. I am working on image building for both.
The direct memory access reservation on DragonFly has been set to 128M.  It used to be 16, but anyone using a system for more than a text console would want the greater memory reservation.  It can be set back to 16M, which is useful probably if you are one of those text console users, or if you have a strangely underpowered video card.