Lazy Reading for 2015/06/28

I came up with a whole bunch of links at the last minute despite traveling and being sick.  I’m dedicated to your idle reading!

Your off-topic link of the week: you have about a week to pay $35 to not die when the Earth is destroyed on July 5th.  It’s the 18th time the world has almost ended, so it has to work out one of these times.


In Other BSDs for 2015/06/27

More and more BSDCan videos keep showing up.  (See the bottoms of individual speaker pages on the BSDCan site.)  Here’s the PC-BSD summary.

Lazy Reading for 2015/06/21

I had to do this early, too, so the link count is a bit low this week.  Sorry!


In Other BSDs for 2015/06/20

I compiled this all bit early, so hopefully nothing exciting happens between now and when it gets posted.


Lazy Reading for 2015/06/14

‘Historic information week’ is this week’s accidental theme.

Your unrelated comics link of the week: Fully Computerized.

In Other BSDs for 2015/06/13

News is a bit light this week, probably because BSDCan was eating up people’s attention.  I am assuming video will be up soon; I want to see the keynote.

DragonFly 4.2 and 4.0.6 branched

The more eagle-eyed may have noticed a branching for DragonFly 4.2, and for DragonFly 4.0.6.  The 4.2 branch is currently only a release candidate, so don’t necessarily change over yet – it’s for testing, not release.  Note that packages for 4.2 are not yet built, so you’ll have to manually specify a package path to install with pkg on 4.2 – for now.. That won’t be the case for the actual release, of course.  DragonFly 4.3 users will have to specify PKG_PATH manually to use 4.2 images until new ones are built.  4.2 release candidate users will be fine.  (see comments for correction.)

The 4.0.6 release is mostly to get the recent OpenSSL update into a 4.0.x build.

I am working on image building for both.