Well, this week just sort of took off for BSD links. A late update: NYCBUG's upcoming meetings and presentations, with the next one on March 4th, this week.  If you have a local BSD user group, I would like to know about it!
BSDNow 078 is up with more BSD Foundation interviews.  It's not a sequel, but a switch: the last one was with a FreeBSD Foundation member, and this week's episode is with Ken Westerback of the OpenBSD Foundation.   There's the normal added news, too, with a description of what's coming at BSDCan 2015.
If you are on DragonFly-master and you upgraded during select hours on the 25th of February, you may have been bit by a makefile error.  The fix, as listed in that link, is simple:
cp /usr/src/share/mk/sys.mk /usr/share/mk
If you are not on -master or you did not upgrade in that timeframe: never mind.
Michael Neumann has switched out pkgsrc packages for dports packages for building DragonFly with a GUI.  There's no built image to download right now, but I'm optimistic the next release will have it.  You can build it now on a DragonFly system using src/nrelease.  With all this video work going in lately, it will give us something to show.
Lots of in-depth reading this week.  Put on something warm/drink something warm (especially if you are in the northeast US) and start reading. Your unrelated quote of the week:
"If we had Smart Dogs right now, they'd have screens instead of ears, and they wouldn't be able to bark in a somewhat indecipherable but yet still full of meaning way, they'd just have a whole bunch of notification icons that would come out of their butt and would all be red circles with numbers in them."
Your unrelated link of the week: Drone over Niagara Falls.  That's about 70 miles from here; I've been there many times.  That may give you an idea of the snow buildup/cold level here recently.
There's some DragonFly material in here, though I normally confine that to the rest of the week.  It's inextricable from the rest of the links.
I admit I never thought about it much, but I've also never had enough RAM to matter: there's a memtemp(4) tool that monitors temperature sensors for your system's memory.  Sepherosa Ziehau has updated it on DragonFly to support some newer processor setups.
The 77th episode of BSDNow is up, with a tutorial on making a patch in OpenBSD, an interview of Alex Reece and Matt Ahrens about OpenZFS, and the usual news roundup.
Several of the DragonFly machines used for building packages and/or releases have SSDs, and have been vigorously exercising those disks for some time.  SSDs are supposed to have a shorter lifetime than spindle-based hard drives.  However, Matthew Dillon found that there's surprisingly little wear on those SSDs.  This empiric information was noticed in several places.
Well, might rather than will , but I had to make a music reference.  There's a bug in versions of pkg from 1.4.6(ish) to 1.4.11 that can make it accidentally delete itself while updating packages.  If this happens to you, there's an easy fix, as posted to users@:
# cd /usr && make pkg-bootstrap
Once you're on version 1.4.12+, you're fine.
Do you have a DragonFly system with a Radeon or i915 video card?  There's updates for the drivers associated with either; you can help out and test them.
Being home sick in the middle of the week gave me a head start on all these links.
Happy Valentine's Day! Your not-BSD BSD link of the week: Badass Space Dragon.
Say hello to the newest DragonFly committer: Tomohiro Kusumi.  He's been contributing Hammer patches for some time and appearing on IRC, so it's easier to just let him make changes directly.  Welcome, Tomohiro.
BSDNow 076 interviews Henning Brauer about his work on OpenNTPD, which has recently been converted to a portable version, similar to OpenSSH.  (Why?  Amplification.)  There's also the normal array of other BSD stories, including DragonFly, yay!