Please welcome our newest DragonFly committer: Johannes Hofmann.  He earned this by coming up with a significant chunk of DragonFly's upcoming KMS/915 support, and it's now easier to just have him work directly than to be constantly committing for him.
Since there's a newer set of dports binary packages uploaded, I thought I'd spend my weekend upgrading, to catch up. 'pkg upgrade' And that was it.  Well, not really.  I had to dump and restore my Postgres databases, cause of the switch from 9.0 to 9.2 as default.  I had to build php5 from source to get the Apache module.  Those two things together took longer than the entire download and upgrade of the rest of my system - some ~200 packages?
So many links came up recently that I had already finished this week's entry when last week's Lazy Reading was posted. Your unrelated link of the week: Release the Kraken!
In part of a long thread about dports packages on the users@ list, Matthew Dillon notes that a new set of packages for i386 and x86_64, for 3.4 and for "3.6" (meaning bleeding-edge DragonFly, even though that's numbered 3.5) is mostly uploaded.  He also notes that a Haswell-processor-based blade server for DragonFly is in the works, so much of the infrastructure is going to move from his house to a datacenter, with the benefits that provides.  It'll also help automate binary package building.
Here's what jumped out at me from reading source change mailing lists: I'm going to have to set a specific day of the week aside for these.
The Observe, Hack, Make 2013 festival is coming up at the end of the month in the Netherlands.  Unfortunately, it's already sold out, but there's going to be at least one DragonFly developer there.  (credit to Matthias Schmidt for letting me know about the festival)
Last week was relatively light, but somehow this week I read a zillion interesting things.  It's been too dang hot to do much else, other than flop in a chair and point a fan at my head. Your unrelated link of the week: Bones Don't Lie.  An anthropologist who blogs about various discoveries of human remains.  I really enjoy blogs where someone is talking about a subject they care about - not to sell a product, not to be paid (directly), but just because they like the topic and they want to share it with others.  Of course I would think that, wouldn't I?
Thanks to the efforts of a large number of people, KMS support is showing up in DragonFly.  This supports accelerated video on the new Intel graphics chipsets that seem to show up on many recent laptops.
Do you have a Emulex OneConnect 10Gb NIC?  Well good news!  Sascha Wildner brought in updated the oce(4) driver from FreeBSD to support Skyhawk models in DragonFly. (My bad; looked at the wrong oce(4) commit originally and re-reported the import instead of the update.)
Busy, busy week. Your unrelated link(s) of the week: Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan fight scenes.
Michael W. Lucas auctioned off his first copy of Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition some time ago, with the proceeds going to the OpenBSD Foundation.  It was to be signed by OpenBSD developers - which is neat enough, but apparently it was annotated by the developers, too.