Sascha Wildner has added an option to the installer to create a UFS boot and Hammer volume as an install disk, in addition to the all-Hammer and all-UFS options already available.  Programs expecting the booting kernel to be on UFS will be able to find it, but users still get the benefits of Hammer. Updated: It replaces the all-Hammer option.  Thanks for the correction, Sascha!
Matthew Dillon has a new version of Hammer, which speeds up listings from programs like 'ls -la' and 'find'.  This is only in 2.3.1.x code right now, so don't force an upgrade via hammer version-upgrade if you're still on DragonFly 2.2. His post includes some benchmarks. On a side note: sili(4) tests look good.
Gleaned from the SoC mailing lists: the tenative dates for the 2009 Mentor Summit for the Google Summer of Code program is October 24th and 25th.  Where?  Probably Mountain View, CA.
This time, it's what happens when you take Rogue, export it to Japan, and then see what you get back as a Sega Genesis console game. I had no idea there were so many permutations of roguelike games.  A few years ago, I'd have listed rogue, nethack, moria, [zmw]angband, and ADOM, and felt like I covered it all.
It's the weekend, so it's a good time for a digression.  This blog post from Matt Trout describes a lot of the code work he's done for Perl, and what he thinks the best contribution is.  The important part is the end of the post.  He notes that for all the code he's added, the best return has come from encouraging others to contribute.  The net result has been a magnification of effort, as more people donate time. The reason I'm posting this is to note that DragonFly, as a community, has been excellent so far at providing a low-drama environment for people to have ideas and contribute work.  Keep this in mind; the best benefit to DragonFly isn't lines of code, but people welcomed.
For the benefit of others: a Git diagram that shows the different levels of storage.  Useful, because git goes far beyond the 'it's either here or it's there' style of cvs/svn.  (via)
A number of people have noticed that Hammer's pruning (which by default runs once at midnight) makes systems temporarily unresponsive.   Matthew Dillon's committed a fix for this, with warnings of more improvements to come.