I had mentioned the new malloc in DragonFly before, but Matthew Dillon has a nice explanation of its performance improvements and the relationship to the existing slab allocator.
Hasso Tepper, who has been working very hard on pkgsrc on DragonFly, has a few strange pkgsrc issues he'd like help on.  Anyone have ideas?  (Follow the thread to see what's been done so far.)
Sepherosa Ziehau has added 'ifpoll', a feature similar to polling(4).  It has to be enabled via a kernel option and so far is only enabled for emx(4); read his commit message for more details.
Sdävtaker posted a note about BSDDay, a BSD convention happening in Argentina, on the 29th and 30th of May.  There's also a poster.  (PDF)
NetBSD now has a Projects Blog and a Twitter account.  I'm not taking credit for the idea, but I do note a definite similarity between that and the DragonFly Digest, to which I say: quick, someone do this for FreeBSD and/or OpenBSD!  More attention to all the BSD work being done is positive.
Make Hasso Tepper's life a bit easier and take heed of this list: Maintaining stuff in pkgsrc. Edit: Meant to publish this a bit ago; missed it.  Sorry!
Bring in money and then take it out again.  It's conceivable that Impi Linux would have fizzled on its own, being one of a zillion Linux distributions out there, but becoming a commercial product seems to put different, and tougher, contstrictions on any open source project.
The 2.2.1 release of DragonFly, rounding up changes since the release (I don't have a list), should be tomorrow.
There's a new @Play column focusing on more of the entries at the Seven Day RogueLike competition.  I mention this because roguelikes have been around on Unix-ish systems forever, some of these may work on DragonFly, and because they are much more complex and interesting than I would have thought possible.
There's 5 slots for DragonFly in Summer of Code for 2009, and the students in those slots are listed below.  We had some very good applications; more than we had room for and higher quality than last year.  If you did not get in, please consider working independently. Student: Alexander Hornung Project: DevFS for DragonFly BSD Mentor: joe talbott Student: Dan Chis Project: Support debugging of multi-threaded applications Mentor: schubert simon Student: robert luciani Project: Profile kernel contention on MP systems Mentor: Samuel Greear Student: Jordan Gordeev Project: Finish amd64 port of DragonFly Mentor: Matthew Dillon Student: efstathios kamperis Project: C99/POSIX Conformance Audit Mentor: hasso tepper (announcement here)