More TV card support

Sascha Wildner’s added the cxm(4) driver, which supports Hauppauge PVR-250/350 video capture cards.  Hasso Tepper kindly donated the hardware for testing.

I’ll note here that I have a Hauppauge TV card (848 chipset, I think) that’s possibly the oldest continuously functioning computer equipment I own; I’ve been using it for close to a decade without a single problem.  I have nothing else that has reached the benchmark.

New pkgsrc tool: pkg_dry

There’s a new tool being put together for pkgsrc installation and management, called pkg_dry.  There’s an initial version for download with instructions from its creator, Emile “iMil” Heitor.  It looks to duplicate the functionality of apt-get or yum, by handling binary-only remote package management.

Someone please test this on DragonFly, though not on a production machine…  If it does end up matching apt-get (the only thing I like in Debian) in terms of functionality, that will be fantastic!  I have wanted something like this for a while.

Viewer for git

Can someone who uses git more heavily than I do look at Tig, a git viewer, and mention if it is useful?  It looks interesting, as one of the features that git ‘lacks’ is a visual client other than at the command line.

pkgsrc housekeeping

Two recent pkgsrc changes that won’t directly affect how your packages are installed, but are still worth knowing about:

  • Thomas Klausner made some adjustments to license handling for pkgsrc.  It’s possible to prevent packages with or without certain licenses from installing, even as a dependency.  His post contains details of the by-default accepted licenses.
  • Joerg Sonnenberger has removed most instances of NO_CHECKSUM.  This will help people with poor network connections, and (I would imagine) will be better for security, too.
Network issues

My apologies, folks – the site is going up and down, along with my network connection.  It’s probably because of Time Warner (my network provider) trying and failing to correctly implement bandwidth measuring tools for their upcoming volume cap.   (I keep getting passed a private IP.)

A Summer of Code reminder: subscribe

If you’re a student with a Summer of Code application, make sure to subscribe to it. Doing this will ensure you are automatically notified of any mentor requests for more information.

There’s also some recent stats published by Google on the applications so far; DragonFly is one of the surveyed orgs it mentions, and the results are the same – less applications, better quality.