Summer of Code proposals in

The due date for the Summer of Code proposals is past, and DragonFly has 18 proposals.    The consensus from other SoC organizations is the same: less applicants everywhere this year, but the proposal quality is up.

Potential mentors can now discuss the proposals and ask for more detail from the students, until April 15th.

Student applications due very soon

19:00 UTC today is the deadline for all student applications for Google’s Summer of Code program.  You can revise applications up to April 15th based on feedback, but the initial proposal has to be in the system as of tonight.  That’s 5 hours from now, if I have my time calculations correct.

DragonFly has 15 applications at this point, and general application quality looks to be better this year than last.

OSBR, roguelikes

I’m going to mesh together two unrelated items in this post:

The April OSBR is out, with this issue being a focus on Open APIs.

The newest @Play column covers winners of the 7DRL, or “7 Day Roguelike” contest, where contestants build a new roguelike game in a week.  There are some real oddities, like Decimation.  I’m not sure how many of these will build on DragonFly, darnit.