Huge packet filter update

Jan Lentfer has updated pf (and pflogd and ftp-proxy) in DragonFly to match what was in OpenBSD 4.1.  Why this intermediate step?  pf went through a lot of changes after OpenBSD 4.1, so this was easier than jumping right to the current version – which he plans next.

In any case, this was a huge and difficult job, with somewhere around 10,000 lines of code added, and very useful for DragonFly.  Jan also managed to keep the DragonFly-specific features working, where “no state” is the default, along with features like fairq.

More mandoc madness

Undeadly has an article up about recent work on mandoc in a mini-hackathon.  It’s mentioned in context with OpenBSD in the article, but mandoc is also present in DragonFly, and is a potential groff replacement.  (And I think groff is the last item in base requiring C++?  I may be wrong.)  Plus, as I’ve said before, I like mandoc’s output.  It would be nice to use that for our online man pages, for instance.

Messylaneous: Reviews, packaging, installers, etc

Link catchup!

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Messylaneous for 2009/12/30

It’s New Year’s Eve Eve, and so here are a bunch of links I’ve built up over the past few days.

Messylaneous for 2009/12/10

I’ve been building this entry up for a while, so some of these entries are newer than others.