SemiBUG is meeting tomorrow; Joe Gidi will present on managing Android devices with BSD.  My assumption is that it will be at Altair Engineering, in Troy, MI, again. The January meeting will be Michael W. Lucas talking about Ansible.  (Dunno if there's a December meeting planned.)
Started out with a short list, but I managed to find some extra links by Friday.
I get all the BSDs this week.
I should have posted this sooner: SemiBUG is having a meeting in about half an hour at Altair Engineering.  Mike Wayne is presenting about monitoring.  Run now if you are near.
This was an easy week to put together; there's a lot of links this week.  Last week was slow - maybe it was because of EuroBSDCon?
NYCBUG is meeting tomorrow night, with George Neville-Neil presenting DTrace work used as college-level teaching material, and talking about more places it could be used.  Go if you are near New York City, interested in teaching, or you know - BSD.  It's in a different location than the normal monthly meetings.
For once, I'm not working on Saturday, so even though this is last minute, at least I'm not in a race with the clock.
I did all of this in a hour, because I had so many tabs saved from during the week.  Don't get overwhelmed! Bonus DragonFly items, sent by Rolinh on IRC:  
Adding a new "BUG" category, cause there's enough ongoing BSD user group activity these days that it's a reoccurring theme.  That makes me happy.