In Other BSDs for 2017/11/11

A good variety this week.


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  1. As an interested observer not particularly versed in any *nix/BSD OS, I wonder, how much of the AF3e book’s content would also be valid for DragonFly? Would that be a title to read in order to approach the latter or are there better introductions for that purpose?

  2. Some of it would fit DragonFly – parts like GEOM and ZFS would not, though. There’s not a lot of BSD books out there, and I daresay the book market isn’t what it was.

  3. I’d guess that with promises of truckloads of gelato, Matt could probably get a DragonflyBSD book out of Michael Lucas.

    I agree with Justin that the market isn’t what it used to be, but quality books, especially if they are informative and not a chore to read are still being bought. Pretty much anything by Lucas is an easy choice to buy (at least for me). He seems to be on the money with length of the book, the information contained and making it readable.

  4. There was a period in the mid-late 1990s where you could pick any vaguely recognizable tech topic, print a book about it that was 50% existing online documentation like man pages or other help topics, and as long as it was thick, it would sell.

    The market isn’t like that any more, which isn’t necessarily bad, other than there isn’t the same amount of money sloshing around.

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