No mini-theme this week, just a mix.
The lead link in this week's BSD Now is the sort of thing I like to link to: debugging Lisp in space.  There's more than that.
Old machines week.
No mini-theme this week.
I mentioned a new committer for DragonFly, Sergey Zigachev, recently.  He hasn't shown in the commit logs for DragonFly directly - cause he's fixing up dports.  I'm mentioning that because the amount of work that goes into dports to keep all those ports working on DragonFly is separate and unseen - but necessary.
I think I cover all the popular Lazy Reading topics: old computers, RPGs, graphs... Your unrelated music link of the week: Better Living Through Synthesizers.
Started with overflow from last week.
SLUUG, the St. Louis Unix Users Group, has a short presentation tonight from James Conroy: "What You Should Get with GIT" and a longer presentation of "Locking Down Your Web Browser" with Scott Granneman.  It's online so anyone can go.  It's not BSD-specific, but it will all apply.  (Thanks to Johnathan Drews for the reminder.) .
The "Weird Coding Experiment..." link is a good one.
Lots to read this week.
This week's BSD Now has several links, though I'd want to point at the Yubikey/ssh/OpenBSD login one as the most interesting to me.
If you pay attention to your daily security run emails on your DragonFly system, you may see entries like this:
+nlookup() at nlookup+0x623 0xffffffff806eff13
+kern_rmdir() at kern_rmdir+0x25 0xffffffff80706db5
+sys_rmdir() at sys_rmdir+0x4c 0xffffffff80706f0c
+syscall2() at syscall2+0x11e 0xffffffff80bd9f9e
I see it on the machine where I run this Digest, as the caching mechanism adds and deletes files rapidly.  Matthew Dillon has placed it behind a sysctl, so your messages log will be a little less noisy by default.
Whee! Your unrelated cartoon of the week: Mega.